NCEA Analysis

Senior leaders will love the accessibility of the data across the school to track school wide goals and progress, drilling down to see areas of best practice, and what can be learnt. Easily presentable and shareable graphs and tables for BOT reports and tracking, with the ability to break the data into cohorts, ethnicities, houses, genders…

Heads of Departments will enjoy the ease of producing live data for trends, patterns and reports against school and department strategic goals. All the data they need is at their fingertips, and they can drill right down to the individual students to see the stories behind the data.

Teachers will have the ability to find data related to their students and reflect on their practice, which will ensure that students are achieving to their full potential.

Easily viewed within the Teacher Dashboard.

You can see how to export the data and import it into PAROT in the videos below. The process is really quick and easy, and makes analysing your data fast and reliable, so you have time to focus on the important things like helping students, rather than crunching the numbers.