Dean Access

At P.A.R.O.T we believe in data to enrich our conversations. We have a special tile available to Deans, House Leaders, SLT that brings the data to life for your student cohorts. This has security enabled so only the staff you select will have this, you can make it available to all, or a few.

For those teachers with access, the Deans tile will appear in their Teacher Dashboard.

  • The initial dashboard has an overview of the whole school's attendance.

  • The interactive slicers on the left allow you to drill down into particular groups - Year Level, Ethnicity, House or Tutor.

  • By click on the any of the attendance bars you can isolate a particular group with a particular % attendance.

In the image above, you can see:

  • Year 12 students

  • Attendance between 50 - 55%

  • % Attendance in the last 15 days

  • Level 2 Credits achieved

  • L1 Literacy / L1 Numeracy / UE Literacy Credits

  • Pastoral Entries (Flags)