Progress. Attendance. Reporting. Online. Tools.

Effectively using data to make a difference!

What is P.A.R.O.T.?

P.A.R.O.T. stands for Progress, Attendance and Reporting Online Tools. It is a set of statistics tools and automatic emails to students, teachers and guardians to help ensure info is given to the right people at the right time.

It works on data that comes out of KAMAR automatically using Directory Services... after the inital setup it just all works.

Jake Wills - Founder, Lead Developer

Jake Wills is one of the Assistant Principals at Kāpiti College, as well as a maths teacher. He is the developer of NZGrapher, an online graphing tool specifically designed for supporting the teaching of statistics in New Zealand. He is also the original developer of Assay. He enjoys working with data & the impact this can have on outcomes for students, and also reducing time spent on tedious admin jobs so time can be spent doing more useful things.

Paul Knighton - Developer

Paul Knighton is the current Deputy Principal at Waiheke High School, having worked previously as the Assistant Principal for Operations and Systems at the Central Regional Health Schooland Head of Learning Support at Kāpiti College. When completing his Masters of Education, Paul became enamored by the power of data to really enact long lasting sustainable change for the improved outcomes of all ākonga.

Rowan Johanson - Developer

Rowan Johanson is a Deputy Principal and teacher of Mathematics at Mount Roskill Grammar School. With a background in Engineering and as a Business Analyst, he quickly became the go-to data guy and enjoyed finding creative ways to help staff do their work more efficiently. Currently completing a Masters of Educational Leadership, Rowan is passionate about using data to support capturing stories about student progress and asking the question, "have we made a difference?"