Daily Emails

Daily Notices

  • Generated directly from your school's daily notices.

  • Can be released via email at 8.00am or 8.30 depending on your school day start time.

  • The subscription link allows staff to opt in or out of receiving them.

  • This subsciption link can also be pushed out to the parent/whānau and student community.

Daily Attendance (Teachers)

  • Whānau/Home Room teachers receive a daily email identifying students with half day absences.

  • Whānau/Home Room teachers also receive a list of students who have ? that need addressing.

  • Customisable messages for staff, informing them on next steps.

Daily Attendance (Students)

  • Where students have outstanding ?s they receive an email identifying the day, and period where this has occured.

  • Customisable messages informing students what to do next.